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Bad Monday Celebrates Pride Month

Bad Monday is all about self-expression, we built a brand on it! This month we wanted to celebrate Pride and the LGBTQ+ community and everything it stands for. Last year we updated our popular Goodbye To Romance Tee and gave it a Pride twist, the design was too good not to relaunch so we revived it for the month of June! We also wanted to give back somehow so we will be donating 20% of the profits made from these tees to Stonewall Charity.

Why Stonewall?

Stonewall stand for all lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people. They imagine a world where LGBTQ+ people everywhere are free to be themselves and can live their lives to the full. Stonewall will continue to stand with, and fight for, the freedom, equality and potential of all LGBTQ+ people. Until the world we imagine is the world we live in - and we think that's pretty awesome.

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Catch up with Sian G!

Whilst we are celebrating Pride, we caught up with one of our favourite influencers to get her take on Pride and find out how she likes to celebrate, so check our interview with Sian below.

Question Time!

Do you celebrate Pride and what does it mean to you?

I usually celebrate Pride by going to Brighton and London Pride as its a great way to celebrate and mix with everyone else who is celebrating it. Pride means a lot to me as it's a great way for everyone to come together and to be heard... our time to shine (even more)

One of the most difficult challenges for LGBTQ+ youth is the question of family acceptance. How was your coming out story?

So I knew I was into women from a very young age but didn't fully come out until I was in my early 20s. My parents always knew I was gay so when I told them it was no shock to them and they are very supportive, they just want me to be happy

What do you think people can do this Pride month to raise awareness about important issues that impact the global LGBTQ+ community?

There's many great ways to shout about this, and that's where social media actually has its advantages. Making items of clothing/jewellery etc is always a great way to raise awareness.

Do you have any advice for someone that is perhaps nervous about coming out?

I would say to always think about yourself and your own happiness. You are going to feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you do come out, and it's such an open thing nowadays, it's not shied upon from how it used to be. There is plenty of support and help out there if they need it. You have to be you and don't let anything stop you from doing so!

You can follow Sian on Instagram here. Sian is wearing our Goodbye To Romance Charity Pride Tee - this tee is on sale throughout June and can be found here.

Happy Pride everyone and don't forget to check out our Spotify Pride playlist below!

Bad Monday Pride Playlist

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