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Davis Rider x Bad Monday

We love an artist collaboration, especially our latest! We've teamed up with LA based flash artist Davis Rider, we've had our eye on his awesome flash designs for a while now and love their comic book inspo themes. We wanted to work together on something special, so we asked Davis to design 5 bespoke tees for us, we love all the designs, but a sure favourite so far has been the Love Me At My Lowest design. You can get your hands on these Limited Edition tees here.

We also caught up with Davis to ask him a few questions about his work and his inspiration behind our 5 new tees, check out what he had to say below...

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm an artist and graphic designer based out of Los Angeles, CA! I work day-to-day as a freelance graphic designer & artist and make tattoo flash as a hobby with my free time.

How did you get into drawing tattoo flash?

A while back, I lived with a friend who happened to be a tattooer and I always loved the idea of creating flash with a pop culture/nerdy twist. I was lucky enough to have my friend show me the ropes and help me get my flash off the ground. There are endless possibilities of mixing the pop culture elements I love with the classic traditional tattoo style.

A lot of flash is comic related, have you always been into comics? Where do you get your other inspiration from?

Yeah when I was really little, my mother bought me a bunch of Spider-Man books. I've pretty much been obsessed since then, and have got a pretty gnarly comic book collection. But I also take inspiration from all the movies/shows etc that I loved growing up. All of these big franchises have such cult followings, and I love being able to make prints for people that blend their favourite characters with tattoo flash.

Where did you get your inspiration for the Bad Monday collab from?

Honestly, I just wanted to do a set of designs that felt very classic. Since I am usually making flash that is nerd-based, I don't get to do just straight up American traditional designs as often as I would like. So I wanted to put together a handful of shirts that were bold with nice bright colours that popped off the shirt. Also, reapers are probably my favourite thing to draw and the reaper we did might be my favourite I've ever made!

What is your favourite music to draw to?

I usually draw to hip hop or pop. Something with a steady beat. Being able to just have a steady beat going in the background seems to help me focus. Either that or some sort of metal. I have also recently found myself listening to early 2000's stuff for some nostalgia.

How do you feel when people get pieces of your art tattooed?

I love seeing people get my art tattooed. I usually ask that if the piece they want to get tattooed is from one of my sheets, to buy the sheet off of my store to take into the artist. But I love when I get tagged and see people getting my work tattooed on them! That's dedication.

What are your plans/aspirations for your art in the future?

I'm not good at looking towards the future honestly. I kind of just let things go where they're going to go. I do want to learn to tattoo, life just hasn't lined up with me having the time to dedicate to doing it right. But that's something I do plan to get done. Other than that, just continuing to create fun flash!

Are you pleased with how the Bad Monday tees turned out?
Absolutely. I can't wait to get mine! The designs have printed awesome, I love the reaper tee but that eagle tee on the white POPS!

You can shop the full Davis Rider collection of tees below.

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We asked Davis to put together a collection of songs he loves to draw to, check out his Spotify playlist below and take a listen!

Davis Rider x Bad Monday Spotify Playlist

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