Let us take you back to where it all began. One man and his garage, that man is the legend that is Mark Avey. What started as a self-funded project was soon to turn into something much bigger.

With Alice (Mark’s wife) ready to give birth to their second child and cash a little low… Bad Monday was born. Weekends and evenings were spent keeping up with orders and it became apparent this was no longer a garage project. Jobs were left, babies were had, warehouses filled and Bad Monday quickly went from a bedroom brand to a full blown culture led lifestyle brand.

“I want us to be for tattoo culture what Vans is for skateboarding”

Mark Avey, Founder

Changing the outlook on Tattoo culture

Staying true to our roots is important and Tattoo culture always has, and always will be at the brands core.

Bad Monday was created with a vision in mind, Mark wanted to create clothing with personality and challenge the misconception of a dark and dingy tattoo culture, He wanted to give people the freedom of self-expression and to not be afraid of pushing boundaries.

Express yo’ self

For the same reason tattooing was created, it’s not just ink on skin it’s a way for people to show their personality and create living art. At Bad Monday we don’t take life too seriously and what started out as just graphic tees has fast become the full range of products we have now and we’re only just getting started. We’ve worked with some incredible artists worldwide; we want to celebrate different art forms and offer a platform to create an antidote to high street fashion.

Laugh Now, Cry Later

Quality is not something we skimp on, when you see that Crying Heart logo you can trust its authenticity. The love of the brand is so strong that some of our customers have it permanently inked. 

At the (crying) heart of what we do is the Bad Monday community and everything it stands for, an escape from the mundane. An alternative to the everyday, we couldn’t do it without you. Life is never straight forward but enjoy it, when shit happens just remember… Laugh Now, Cry Later.