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Bad Monday Artist Sessions - Episode 3 - Sweet Rugz

Episode 3 of the Bad Monday Artist Sessions is now live!

In this episode, we interview Louie Sweet, the founder of Sweet Rugz. Based in Cambridgeshire, Louie started creating handmade, bespoke rugs from his home. After watching tutorials on Youtube, Louie was inspired to try his hand at making his own rugs. Fast forward to today, Louie makes bespoke custom rugs for people all over the UK. From Spongebob to our signature Crying Heart Logo almost any design is possible!

Watch the full episode below to find out more about Louie's inspirations, dream collaborations and his journey as a textile artist so far!

Bad Monday x Sweet Rugz

Earlier on in the year, we asked Sweet Rugs to create a Crying Heart Rug for us. This rug was the main jackpot prize for our Funfair Games week and was won by one of our Instagram followers!

We received so many requests, it was only right to have more made! So, as part of the Bad Monday Artist Sessions and Sweet Rugz collaboration, Louie created a limited number of the iconic, Crying Heart Rug!

The Crying Heart Rugs have now sold out (in less than 24 hours!) - thank you to all those that purchased one! For those that missed out, if you're interested in getting one, head over to the product page below and sign up for email notifications. If there's enough demand, these may make a come back! Click the link below to register your interest and be notified when these get restocked.


The Crying Heart Rug was made completely from scratch by Louie. Once the frame and fabric was set up, the design could then be projected and drawn onto the fabric. From there, Louie started to stitch the design using 100% acrylic yarn. Once stitched, the rug is then cut out and glued before the backing fabric can be added. To finish, each rug is then shaved, trimmed and hoovered.

If you're interested in getting your own custom rug, drop Louie a DM on Instagram or Tiktok! Check out his profiles for more behind the scenes footage.

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